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Anti-wrinkle Serum - Organic Argan Oil (15ml)

Anti-wrinkle Serum - Organic Argan Oil (15ml)

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Product Description

About Our Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa)

It is a yellowish liquid with medium viscocity. It does not have a distinctive odour, so won’t clash with perfume or fragrance.


From: Morocco (only natively grown in Morocco)

Method of distillation: Cold-pressed

Certification: Australian Certified Organic (ACO)

Quality: First Distillation / Therapeutic Grade (highest possible quality)

100% Pure, Unadulterated, Undiluted Carrier Oil

Chemical, Pesticide, Paraben Free


What is Argan Oil?

It is the essence of the argan tree. Only the oil from the nuts are used. Each batch of nuts is manually ground and pressed by hand.

Absolutely no heat is used to extract the oils. It takes about 12 man hours to produce just 1 litre of our premium argan oil. That’s how precious our argan oil is. 

Why Our Oils Are Offered Only In Small Volume Sizes?

15ml - You only need very small quantities of our oils for it to be effective. This size should last you 2 months.

Other oils may appear to be cheaper, but you need to use more of it and they are riddled with chemicals and pesticides. Completely unsafe for topical application. In the natural skin care industry, you really do get what you pay for.

Main Active Ingredients in Argan Oil

Oleic acid (43-50%), linoleic acid (29.3-37%), palmitric acid (10-15%), strearic acid (4.3-7.2%) and others.

What Do They Do?

The body cannot make any of the unsaturated essential fatty acids (UEFA) listed above. Yet they are vital to healthy skin.

High in anti-oxidants, vital for cell reproduction and health.

What Does That Mean For Your Skin?

Regulates sebum - this is why is it great for both oily and dry skin and combats acne.

Argan is high in UEFA, it is instrumental in cell nutrition, health, reproduction and elimination of waste. This means that skin will be bright, fresh, plump and heal quickly without scaring.

How Is It Currently Being Used In The Skin Care Industry?

  • It is popularly used in hair care products.
  • However, The Little Essentials’ Argan Oil is pure, organic and therapeutic grade. Perfect for skin! It cannot be stressed just how nourishing argan oil is to the skin. We call it SKIN SUPERFOOD!
  • Great for wrinkles, dry skin/hair, eczema, oily or dry skin and brittle nails.
  • Argan can be used by anyone (except those with nut allergies), on any part of the body and even on sensitive skin. It is the perfect serum for sexy, youthful, pump skin.
  • Our argan is pure, unadulterated, Australian Certified Organic and cold-pressed. It is the best possible quality you can find on the market.
  • How To Use On Your Face
  • Direct application highly recommended.
  • Ditch your face cream altogether and replace it with argan. Just a little will do. Simply fantastic!

How To Use On Your Body

Ditch your body moisturiser for argan. It doesn’t leave an oily residue but leaves a silky sheen on the skin. If this is too pricy an option, try applying it to extra-dry areas like your knees, elbows, feet and hands. 

How To Use On Hair

Direct application :

i) Use as a hair mask or leave-in conditioner. 3-4 pumps for a hair mask and rinse. Or just 1 pump as a leave-in conditioner.

ii) Rub 0.5 pumps in the palm of your hands and gentle fluff through your hair. Then pat down the ends. It will tame fly-away hairs and add a natural sheen.

To Condition :

We don’t recommend using argan in shampoo as argan does its best work on the hair itself. Not recommended for people with flat oily hair.

Other Uses Of Argan Oil.

Hot bath - Add 4 pumps to a bath. It will leave a natural glow to your skin.

Eczema - It is not known why eczema occurs. However, argan can treat the symptoms. Gently rub into infected areas. Even if your skin has cracked and is weeping, argan can still be applied. It contains no chemicals or steriods. It is safe to use on children with eczema.


Warning - Argan is a nut oil. It is not suitable for people with nut allergies.

After using our premium quality argan oil, you may be tempted to never use moisturiser or conditioner again - Try it today! 


The Science Behind Argan’s Efficacy

According to the Argan Oil Society (www.arganoilsociety.org), Argan oil is able to treat hair, skin, nails, stretch marks and various dermatological conditions due to the presence of essential unsaturated fatty acids like sterols, polyphenols, ferulic acid, linoleic acid and Vitamin E. 

Essential unsaturated fatty acids are important to the human body as they are vital for repairing cell membranes. However, they cannot be synthesised by the body, so they have to be ingested or topically applied. The extra benefit here is that while 80% of Argan oil is made up of unsaturated fatty acids, these fatty acids are extremely high in anti-oxidant properties.

Essential unsaturated fatty acids are also instrumental in obtaining optimum nutrition for cells as well as in excreting harmful waste materials. They also regulate sebum and assist in the formation of prostaglandins. These essential fatty acids are vital for the regulation and maintenance of healthy skin and prevention of premature aging.

Argan's Fatty Acid Profile

Palmitic Acid : 10-15%   Strearic Acid : 4.3-7.2%   Oleic Acid : 43-50%   Linoleic Acid : 29.3-37%

Enter here to discover the function these fatty acids have on your skin. Once you discover just how effective they are, you'll never use synthetic creams again.

* Each batch of the oils we get will be different from the next, so the percentage mix of each compound will be different. The reason being is that this is a completely natural product, with no added ingredients, synthetic or otherwise. The chemical make up of the tree will vary according to soil, rainfall and other weather related conditions. Whatever is distilled from the plant, flower or nut is, refined if necessary, then bottled. Indicated above is the average range in which the active ingredients of our essential oil falls into.) 
** If you would like an exact breakdown of the compounds found in the particular bottle you purchased from us. Feel free to email us at enquiries@thelittleessentials.com with your name, the name of the oil, the batch number and the order number you got when you purchased from us. We will be delighted to email the information to you.



Other Details

Wrinkles, Skin Hydration, Balancing Sebum, Dry hair

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  1. Perfect Night Serum 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 13th Jul 2014)

    Have been using 1 pump of Argan every night before I go to bed. Skin looks and feels fresher and brighter every morning. The best night cream ever!

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