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Find out why you're probably using products you really don't need.

You really don't need that many personal care products. Yet, we seem to have so many. Find out from this quick read diagram on why you're probably trapped in a product consumption cycle.

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Essential Oils Might Be The New Anti-Biotics

Below is a simple summary of the debate on why essential oils might be a better alternative than antibiotics in the war against bacteria and viruses.Essential oils are ultimately just plant extracts—and those are used in countless products and and are the main ingredient in some insecticides and some over-the-counter medications, like Vicks and some hair lice sprays. [...]

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5 Essential Oil Facts that make you go hmmm

Cleopatra indulged in milk baths infused with frankincense and jasmine to oil to keep her skin young, supple and well-scented.Some essential oil require 122 flowers just to make 1 drop of essential oil. Imagine just how potent that drop is. The right essential oil (e.g [...]

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​How To Diffuse Essential Oils In A Vaporiser

Create a relaxing atmosphere while physiologically relaxing your autonomic nervous system with essential oils. When inhaled, their molecules are small enough to penetrate the blood brain barrier.We are mentioning methods to diffuse essential oils which are cost affective and require heat here. Our oils are premium grade, pure 100% certified organic oils. The Little Essentials' [...]

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How I Use Essential Oils In My Day by Dianne Little

HELLO,When I first starting using essential oils, I found it complicated and confusing. I soon reaslied that this was because many retailers bombarded me with an overwhelming amount of information about what essential oils can do. Frankly, I got lost in that sea of information.While I am in awe of the flexibility of essential oils, [...]

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5 Uses of Rosehip Oil That Have Nothing To Do With Scars or Stretch Marks

Premium Australian Certified Organic Rosehip Seed Oil from Chile. Cold-pressed, chemical and pesticide free. Going for a swim? Lightly coat your hair with rosehip. It will seal the hair shafts and minimise chlorine and odour from penetrating your hair. It's a 'dry' oil and will not dissipate into the water.Rosehip has strong anti-inflammatory qualities. Research has [...]

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Physically, Spiritually & Emotionally Better With Frankincense Oil

When I added Frankincense Oil to my line-up of essential oils that are great for the skin while having a fabulously addictive aroma, I had no idea just how beneficial Frankincense Oil was to well-being.Queen Cleopatra of ancient Egypt was famed to indulge in a bath of goats milk, jasmine oil and frankincense oil. The milk [...]

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