Deodorise • Stimulate • Motivate

Thoth™ Scenting Solutions offers DIY commercial scenting kits or full service solutions to offices, events and homes that need to not only deodorise but bring scent into their indoor spaces. Our solutions can do so much more than scent, they will improve health and well-being too.

It's our revolutionary 6-in-1 system.

Package A starting from SGD$960.00.

Custom packages available.

 Please email dianne@thelittleessentials for a no obligation consultation on what Thoth™ Scenting Solutions, can do for scenting your office, event or commercial space. 


About Our Service

Thoth™ Scenting Solutions is the only company in Singapore, scenting and deodorising commercial spaces using 100% genuine essential oils. Only genuine essential oils will change how your staff or customers really feel. Essential oils can penetrate the brain changing how you think and feel. Essential oils also have strong anti-bacterial qualities that not only kill air-bourne bacteria but improve the body's immunity to them as well.

Thoth™ Scenting Solutions provides scenting systems that both cleanse and freshen the air in your office spaces.

* We help you decide the essential oils you need.

* We help you diffuse the oils appropriately in your space.

* We service the machines and refill the larger units.

* We supply you 100% pure organic essential oil refills.

How it works:

Commercial Contracts

Step 1. Call us for a no obligation consultation

Step 2. Office space and reason for wanting office scented is accessed.

Step 3. Proposal is send through. If accepted - Go to Step 4.

Step 4. Examples of proposed blend is provided. It is advised at the company use the samples at the reception area to get an idea of what staff and visitors think of the scent. 

What does a proposal consist of?

1) Recapping of brief 

2) Honest assessment of the problem and what can be achieved.

3) What blend is required?

4) How many machines are required?

5) Placement of machines

6) Benefits and outcome

7) Pricing